Mass lamp: 2,0kg
Length: 59cm
High: 18cm
Width: 17cm

Fixing - Magnetic disc

The basis is made of Stainless Steel. The magnet is protected by a transparent foil directly bonded to the surface, providing protection against damage to the paint.

Lighting LED

NEW - LEDs - long-term satisfaction!
Luxeon LEDs company is currently the brightest solid state light sources. They allow you to achieve 20lm / W. They do not contain mercury and can operate at temperatures down to -40 'C. Do not emit heat and UV radiation. Characterized by very high durability, considerably higher than other light sources - exceeding 10 years. Viewing angle 110 '

Compared to the light bulb, lamp power consumption of LEDs is five times smaller. This is very beneficial during the winter, where battery life is much reduced.


Is used for the manufacture of plastic called polycarbonate which has a very high resistance to UV radiation. Lamps are made by thermoforming.

Price list

Lamp without magnet

White - 240 PLN
Yellow - 260 PLN

Lamp on magnet

White - 340 PLN
Yellow - 360 PLN



White - 100 PLN
Yellow - 120 PLN

Magnetic disc

Small - 100 PLN
Large - 120 PLN

LED printed circuit

60 PLN

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